Howdy! The name's Logan and I'm female. I only follow simblrs. I try to be consistent with posting, but I am a gamer, so The Sims isn't the only game I play. If I go a few days or a week without posting, that's why, but I haven't forgotten about the sims! My posts contain silly things from my game. I'm not so good at building and decorating, but I enjoy creating things (mostly sims). I'm a chatterbox, so don't be afraid to talk. Happy simming! WARNING: I may sometimes post nudity that is not safe for work (NSFW) and/or homosexuals. I also cuss.

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It’s birthday time for Amicorn! Happy birthday!

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I created a simself of one of my friends on tumblr. :3

My photoshoot house looks disgusting. What a bunch of slobs.

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I enjoy making twins for some reason.

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More posts soon. I’ve been busy this past week. I learned setting up a pool is tiring, but oh so worth it. It’s too hot outside!

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Sorry, but I need these groovy dances on my blog. They have my dance moves.

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Makeover. Stat.

WOW. Arthur’s girlfriend offered flowers to Steve IN FRONT OF HIM. I just assumed he would decline them since he doesn’t know her, but NOPE. That’s messed up, Steve.

Oh, look who came over.. their sister, Charlotte. She usually doesn’t show up to any of their parties.

Hold up. Time out. Can they all please use the open garage door to come in since having one door is a mighty issue?! AT LEAST ONE OF THEM DID. I can’t wait for routing to be fixed in The Sims 4. Once I play it, I’m going to get even more annoyed with The Sims 3 issues.

I haven’t had internet for little over a week, so sorry if I haven’t replied to anything! I just got it back. :) I forgot what I had/have in my queue. I missed the simblr community.

They both have beds, but they prefer to sleep outside and in the rocking chair. Unbelievable. I had to force them. After that night, they went back to their old sleeping spots. OBEY ME.