Howdy! The name's Logan and I'm female. I only follow simblrs. I try to be consistent with posting, but I am a gamer, so The Sims isn't the only game I play. If I go a few days or a week without posting, that's why, but I haven't forgotten about the sims! My posts contain silly things from my game. I'm not so good at building and decorating, but I enjoy creating things (mostly sims). I'm a chatterbox, so don't be afraid to talk. Happy simming! WARNING: I may sometimes post nudity that is not safe for work (NSFW) and/or homosexuals. I also cuss.

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I’ve been without the internet for nearly a month. Hopefully I’ll get it back soon and when I do, I’ll resume posting.

Oh my gosh! All these pictures of sims and houses from The Sims 4 on my dash. They’re so lovely! I can’t wait to try the game. Ahhhhh!

Yahto Blue in the gallery under #jocu

This is the first household I’ve created in The Sims 4 besides my simself. It took me forever! I’m going to tag everything with #jocu in the gallery unless I can fit #JocularSims. That’s really too long though with the limited description space you’re given to work with.

My simself in The Sims 4
Gender: Female
Walk: Swagger
Voice: Low and lilted
Aspiration: Soulmate
Traits: Geek ♦ Alluring ♦ Goofball ♦ Loner
jocularsims sent:

✄ I caved.



REBLOG 2 months ago 2
tags: #kawaii

I made a thing. And by thing I mean a kawaii sim.


I just finished editing a video of me making a new sim. I’m currently uploading it to YouTube. I’m nervous. ╯ 3╰

R.I.P. Esther Locke

Bruce (Wayne) aged! His paws are sunk into the rug. Shh