Howdy! The name's Logan and I'm female. My posts contain silly things from my game. I rarely reblog. I only follow simblrs. I'm a terrible builder and decorator, but I enjoy creating things. I'm a chatterbox, so don't be afraid to talk. Happy simming!

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Rick and Morty

"Don’t think about it." - Rick


Photoshoot sidelines: The twins confuse Blaine.

Extra shots I didn’t use. Royce spent the entire time brooding (Which was at least 2 hours real time) when he wasn’t being photographed.

I cry a lot? Who told you I cry?!? I know it wasn’t Jimmy. I bet five grand on Mooney opening his mouth when he shouldn’t!

Over-emotional / Vehicle enthusiast / Hot-headed / Eco-friendly / Friendly

Party on the beach tonight. 8 o’clock. Don’t be late.

Neurotic / Dog person / Loves the heat / Mooch / Party animal

I’m going to have my own restaurant one day. If your meal is on me, I’m checkin’ you out.

Natural cook / Clumsy / Photographer’s eye / Loves the cold / Schmoozer

I was told by Ulrich that I look like I’m going to cause chaos. I’m not always a disaster, but when I am, I’m a fashion disaster.

Insane / Great kisser / Family-oriented / Genius / Coward

I’m picking up my blaster, put it on my side, I’m jumpin’ in my Falcon, Wookiee at my side. I’m Han Solo. I’m Han Solo, Solo. I’ll teach you some moves, Padawan.

Rebellious / Hydrophobic / Easily impressed / Frugal / Computer whiz

I’d like to meet someone that is okay with me having a very active social life. My phone is everything, okay. *ring* Wait, I need to take this.

Social butterfly / Unlucky / Hopeless romantic / Nurturing / Frugal

You’re accusing me of stealing your things? I have to be honest here. Red wouldn’t look good on you and I’d hate to see my office filthy. You should leave.

Unflirty / Supernatural fan / No sense of humor / Neat / Kleptomaniac

I’d like to meet someone who thinks about the universe often. Did you know the first American space station housed 3 apollo crews over nine months for 28, 59, and 84 days?

Supernatural fan / Brooding / Gatherer / Good / Hopeless romantic

I really want to play State of Decay, Dayz, and The Secret World…I’ve seen so many gameplay videos of them and I just.. WANT. I’ve been drooling over them for months now. I noticed I’m getting more interested in playing PC games, but I’m still more of a console gamer. If my computer could handle it, I’d probably get them for PC, but I doubt it could. I’m shocked I’m able to play The Sims 3 and a lot of its custom content/mods. (Not the most lag-free experience, but I am still able to enjoy myself.)